#4 | 2020
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Meet our experts

Alyssa Brinkmann 
Product Manager Service 
Service solutions in the field of fastening technology to optimize quality, productivity and efficiency in production 

E-Mail: alyssa.brinkmann@atlascopco.com 

Here you can learn more about our services

Dirk Biebricher
Product Manager  Quality Assurance
Your expert for quality assurance products

E-Mail: dirk.biebricher@atlascopco.com

Falk Singer
Business Manager Low Torque
Your expert for screw assembly with low torques

E-Mail: falk.singer@atlascopco.com

Further information about our MicroTorque systems can be found here

Henning Appiss
Business Manager Software
Your expert in harnessing production data and generating added value, higher quality and productivity through error proofing

E-Mail: henning.appiss@atlascopco.com

Further information about our solutions for error prevention can be found here

Jannik Kalefeld 
Business Development Manager EV & Powertrain 
Expertise in the assembly of electric vehicles and your consultant for installation tools and screw feeders

E-Mail: jannik.kalefeld@atlascopco.com 

Learn more about our PST servo electric press

Robert Koch
Product Manager Controller 
Your expert for screwdriving controls and assembly systems 

E-Mail: robert.koch@atlascopco.com  

You can learn more about our mounting systems here

Sebastian Pesdicek 
Product Manager  Fabrication & Maintenance
Your expert for socket wrenches, high torques, material processing and compressed air accessories 

E-Mail: sebastian.pesdicek@atlascopco.com 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastianpesdicek/

Information about our socket wrenches and bits

Learn more about our bolting solutions

Here you can learn more about our tools for material processing

Information about compressed air accessories

Michael Kierakowicz

Product Manager  Assembly Tools
Our expert for intelligent and ergonomic assembly tools

E-Mail: michael.kierakowicz@atlascopco.com 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-kierakowicz/

Further information on cordless assembly tools can be found here