#4 | 2020
SYN] Magazin

Laying the foundations for present and future technologies

Heart pacemakers, oven doors, power saws and microprocessors: the range of industrial products that are adhesive-bonded or potted is wider than many people would think. The dispensing systems used for these processes come from Scheugenpflug.

From solar systems via LED and OLED technology to e-mobility: without high-performance dispensing systems, the development of many technologies and processes now seen as state-of-the-art would not have been possible. Many everyday objects and devices from electronic toothbrushes via smart phones to car door handles would rapidly fail without precise, efficient adhesive bonding, sealing and potting processes. 

The object of sealing, bonding or potting processes is normally to improve the functional properties of the components concerned or to protect electronic systems embedded in the components from detrimental chemical, thermal and mechanical effects. Depending on the application, flame proofing, electrical insulation, shielding from view or the creation of an attractive appearance may also play a role. 

Adhesive bonding, sealing and potting – with everything related to it 

Scheugenpflug AG offers the material preparation and dispensing systems required for the preparation, feeding and application of adhesives, thermal interface materials, sealants and potting agents. In the 30 years since it was founded, the company, with headquarters in Neustadt an der Donau, Bavaria, has become one of the leading manufacturers of dispensing systems as well as a process engineering expert with additional comprehensive process automation expertise. In contrast with Atlas Copco SCA, Scheugenpflug specializes in the dispensing of smaller quantities in the milliliter range. The main applications are within the range of 0.01 to about 300 ml per dispensing shot. Scheugenpflug technologies are mainly used in the electronics industry and in the area of vehicle electronics. The systems are also used in other areas such as telecommunications, medical technology and energy supply. Currently, about 600 people work for Scheugenpflug throughout the world. In addition to its German headquarters, the company has other branches in China, the USA, Mexico and Romania and operates a broad-based international network of service locations and sales partners.

The product and technology portfolio ranges from material preparation and feeding units to high-performance systems for dispensing under vacuum and atmosphere gases and customer-specific in-line and automation solutions. In addition, Scheugenpflug offers a wide range of supplementary services – from advice and dispensing tests at the company’s Technology Center through various service and after-sales activities to training at the Scheugenpflug Academy.

“We have been partners to our customers for 30 years. To ensure that this remains the case, we are working today on solutions to the challenges of tomorrow,” says Christian Ostermeier, Member of the Managing Board. “As part of Atlas Copco, we can strengthen our position as a supplier of premium dispensing solutions with a high degree of automation competence. Thanks to the global presence of the group, we will be able to offer our customers an even more comprehensive package of advanced services and innovative technical solutions in the future.”

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