#4 | 2020
SYN] Magazin

Five in one

Atlas Copco Tools presents its latest precision drill

Thanks to smart technology, the new high-precision EBB26 drills help users drill holes ergonomically, cost-effectively and without errors.

No limits to mobility in the assembly process

The small, handy EBB26 cordless drill boasts impressive performance and ergonomics. It is as light as a pneumatic tool but 14 times quieter and does not need cumbersome cables or air hoses. Operation without hoses or cords eliminates potential tripping and falling hazards from the assembly line. There is no need for time-intensive connection and disconnection of pneumatic hoses. Users are not only more mobile during production; the production process also becomes safer and productivity is boosted.

5 speeds in one tool make frequent tool changes unnecessary

The EBB26 offers five programmable drilling speeds; for the first time, an integrated smart controller keeps drilling speed constant. This ensures identical drill hole quality, independent of the operator and the material. The speed can be set easily at the touch of a button, saving time in the working process, minimizing tool requirements and slimming down the entire production line. In addition, energy consumption in the drilling process is automatically measured, monitoring wear on the cutter and optimizing the service life of the drill.

An ergonomic champion

The perfectly balanced, modular drill covers a speed range from 1,000 to 5,500 rpm and weighs only 1.2 kg, including a 2.1 Ah battery. Our small, agile precision drill even won the Red Dot Product Design award in 2020. In addition to its light weight, the EBB26 has an especially ergonomic design. Low noise and vibrations make drilling more pleasant for operators, minimizing any adverse impact on workers’ health.

Made for more productive people

The durable lithium-ion battery is designed for installation in two positions, allowing more flexible attachment to the handle. Full charging only takes 35 minutes, saving valuable time and boosting the efficiency and productivity of the production process.

Visual alarms for greater precision

In addition to the LED for illuminating the drilling area, other LEDs provide key feedback to the user. Visual signals indicate when the cutter has reached its wear limit or maintenance is needed. Thanks to their short design and high-grade chuck, EBB26 tools offer significantly better concentricity than conventional drills and help their users make fewer errors. 

Discover the savings potentials

Further information on the savings potentials of the EBB26 is available here.

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