SYN] Magazine
#3 | 2019

The Art of Ergonomics

Good Ergonomics — the secret Star behind Business Success?

Ergonomics is still a relatively young discipline. However, as a factor in business success it is more important than ever before. On the one hand, companies strive for the highest possible productivity and quality levels in the face of competitive pressure. On the other hand, the cost of absence caused by sickness has more than doubled over the past 10 years. The incidence of musculoskeletal problems is especially high. And the problem is becoming increasingly severe as a result of demographic developments.

Ergonomics should therefore be an integral part of any corporate strategy. Manual work processes must be designed to be effective and ergonomic. In connection with digitalization and Industry 4.0, entirely new solutions are available to drastically reduce sickness and operating expenses at the same time as markedly improving employee health, productivity and customer satisfaction. This way, good ergonomics will also become a decisive competitive factor.

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