SYN] Magazine
#3 | 2019

 Data Driven Services 

 for Joining Systems from Atlas Copco 

Service portal

The service portal is the entry-level solution. It offers functions such as general plant administration, basic alarm signals and messages as well as dashboards with the most important indicators. Fast, secure remote support by experts can be requested with one click. 

Maintenance Manager

The Maintenance Manager can be added to the service portal as a module. It provides support for planning maintenance on the basis of actual system utilization and predictions. The team can then recognize the maintenance work required, define work orders on this basis and optimize scheduling by providing feedback.

OEE Cockpit

The OEE cockpit is a further option for the service portal which can be used for monitoring the overall efficiency of the plant. It provides information on key performance indicators such as mean time to repair (MTTR), the application quality or material and energy consumption. The OEE Cockpit therefore indicates where there may be optimization potential.

Data Driven Services in „Smart on Premise" and „Smart to Cloud"

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