SYN] Magazine
#3 | 2019


A Christmas Feast, the Swedish Way

When the Swedes celebrate Christmas, the main features are the Christmas tree (“Julgran”) and culinary delights. The Swedish Christmas buffet, “Julbord”, leaves nothing to be desired. Some people enjoy the buffet with a rich selection of food at home and some at a restaurant. A wide variety of hot and cold dishes are presented on a large table. From fish and meat specialities to vegetables and desserts, these buffets really have something for everyone.

The Buffet is open! 

The Julbord traditionally starts with a Glögg, Swedish mulled wine, which is typically prepared with almonds and raisins. The buffet of hors d’oeuvres which follows includes sausage, smoked sausage, fish and seafood together with the crispbread that is typical of Sweden. The absolute classic of the Julbord is pickled herring in a dill or mustard sauce. Although most people will already have eaten enough, this is followed by the main course with hot meals. Kötbullar and the traditional Lutfisk must be there. The Julbord is rounded off by delicious desserts and a cheese buffet. Would you like to experience a Julbord? Here you will find a recipe for Swedish chocolate balls from our Swedish colleague Caroline Stulgies.

God Jul!