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#2 | 2019

Wolf spotted!?

GTG Going Artsy: unique engineering art for a good cause

We have always seen our GTG grinders as true engineering art, high tech grinders that improve productivity and ergonomics for the operator. This is the reason why we decided to take this one step further and make them into real works of art. “GTG Going Artsy” celebrates the art of engineering at the same time as supporting charitable organizations.

We designed 12 GTGs. Each of them was creatively air-brushed by hand to make it a real work of art. Each of these grinders is unique. Every month from June 2017 to June 2018, we sold one of these grinders to customers throughout the world at the full list price. The campaign was a resounding success and we are proud to be able to heighten awareness of social responsibility with our engineering art.

The wolf is back in Germany

Kuhlmann GmbH & Co. KG in Lage was able to acquire one of the coveted grinders and proudly presented the GTG 25 Wolf in March. The North Rhine-Westphalian environment ministry had designated a wolf area in the region served by our distributor at the end of 2018. DNA analyses indicated that a female wolf had been present in the area several times. 
Now this wolf is to be joined by the young GTG 25 Wolf, which is not an animal that has migrated from Eastern Europe. Surprisingly, it can be shown to have come from Sweden. The turbine grinder from Atlas Copco Tools is inspired by the fascinating animal. Just like a wolf, the GTG 25 Wolf works efficiently in difficult conditions and is versatile and strong.

Donations of €15,000

Atlas Copco sold all the grinders at list price and donated the proceeds to Water for All, Pink Ribbon and the WWF. Each organization received about SEK 50,000 (about €5,000).
After spending some time in the Kuhlmann territory, the GTG 25 Wolf is to be sold again and the proceeds are to be donated to the WWF. If you are interested in this unique machine, which will only be available once, please contact Kuhlmann direct (

A powerful wolf for your pack

The technical solutions in the GTG range are protected by a number of Atlas Copco patents. Since a turbine motor has the advantage of being very small in relation to its power output, a grinder with this motor will reduce the size of the machine.
More efficient than a conventional vane grinder motor, the turbine motor in a GTG grinder provides extremely high efficiency, resulting in a very high rate of material removal even on the roughest surfaces. A speed governor ensures optimum process speed and process time is cut to a minimum. Since the job is done faster, the total energy consumption is significantly lower for each job. In addition to their excellent ergonomics, these grinders also reduce exposure times.

Learn about how you can improve your productivity with the GTG 25 grinder in this Video.

Did you know…?    

• With a force of more than 150 kilonewtons, the bite of a wolf is twice as powerful as that of a comparably sized dog. 

• A hungry wolf can eat up to 10 kg of meat at once.

• The Turkish word for wolf is “Kurt“.

• Wolves can reach a maximum speed of up to 60 km/h. They can walk all day at a relaxed speed of 5 km/h.

• In open country, wolves have a hearing range of up to 10 km and can smell potential prey up to 1.5 km away.