SYN] Magazine
#2 | 2019

Sunny days ahead

In Sweden, Midsummer is always celebrated on the Saturday between 20 and 26 June. The sun has reached its zenith and the dark days are forgotten. This is the time for the traditional festival of Midsommar. For Swedes, the longest day in the year, the summer solstice, is the most important festival in the year together with Christmas. The evening before Midsummer, Midsummer’s Eve, is already celebrated with many customs, music, dancing and of course culinary delicacies.

Everyone celebrates the magic night

The summer solstice also means celebrating Swedish traditions. These include the midsommarstång (Maypole). It is decorated with flowers and forms the centre of singing and dancing during the longest night of the year. Of course, the festival is also accompanied by traditional delicacies. These normally include the first potatoes of the year with sour cream, combined with fish, usually herring or salmon. Swedish strawberries are the essential dessert.
The most important accessory of the Midsommar weekend is the wreath of flowers that decorates the heads of the girls and women. This symbolizes the time of fruitful fields and blossoming meadows.
Tourists are also extremely welcome. In regions such as Dalarna, for example, they can enjoy a first-hand, authentic experience of the Swedish Midsommar.

Trevlig midsommar!