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#2 | 2019

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SYN] | # 2
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Efficiency – Myth or Innovator?
Good Design is an Experience of Quality Good design is an experience of quality
Smart Connected Assembly 2.0 Roadshow
Unity: Global Platform for Self-Pierce Riveting
“Unity is our Answer to global Platform Strategies“
Guaranteed highest Precision in Torque Control Guaranteed highest precision in torque control
From 0 to 3,400 Newton-Metres in only 10 Seconds From 0 to 3,400 newton-metres in only 10 seconds
Off-the-Peg or made-to-Measure? Off-the-peg or made-to-measure?
Wireless Freedom Wireless Freedom
Maximum performance
Key Factor: Filling in the Hem
Powerful but sensitive
Wolf spotted?!
Efficient Tightening Efficient Tightening
Operating Expenses under Control
Sunny days ahead
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