SYN] Magazine
#2 | 2019

Off-the-peg or made-to-measure?

Industry 4.0 is bringing many changes and new challenges. The increasing individualization of products, growth in the number of components used for specific variants and the resulting increase in the complexity of production processes are calling for new process strategies. 

Secure processes without assembly errors

The  Scalable Quality Solution 3 (SQS3) software provides support where the simplified presentation of complex processes is needed, there is a risk of confusion as a result of the large number of variants or step-by-step assembly is needed to reduce the potential for human errors. The software brings perceptible benefits:

  • Significantly improves your production process

  •  Helps ensure zero-error production

  •  Reduces reworking cost and time, complaints, expensive recall campaigns and on-site repairs

Process results are digitalized and provide support for safe working on the product or the early detection of weaknesses in the process in combination with a process control system. High transparency and the traceability of production results (principle: who did what and when) ensure the storage of employee and product data. Release routines, the display of safety instructions and other options make processes even more secure. SQS3 is network-compatible and can combine up to 10 stations in a network. A reworking station can also be added – entirely without server or IT support.

Integration of Industrial Location Guidance (ILG)

From SQA’s version 3.1, the new Industrial Location Guidance (ILG) system is integrated. This system allows tools to be located down to the last millimetre and tightening programs to be selected as a function of the tool position. The results are stored with reference to the position and the effects of the human worker on the tightening process are virtually eliminated. Throughout the world, more than 6,000 workstations are already in operation with Atlas Copco’s standard SQS software or its successor SQS3. These systems benefit from our many years of experience and our global service and project organization.

Independence and flexibility

In the autumn of 2018, a globally active supplier specializing in interior equipment for vehicles changed its production line in Scandinavia over to SQS3 with the following objectives:

• Integration of the software in the existing production system as well as various interfaces with local systems

• Seamless traceability of production data and improved analysis capabilities
• A scalable, extendable system solution allowing the easy integration of additional assembly stations
• Low downtimes thanks to a robust system solution
• High efficiency thanks to flexible software
• Simple plant configuration using in-house employees to ensure fast reactions to process-changes 

The project manager confirmed that the software had been successfully introduced and emphasised the committed, professional cooperation of Atlas Copco. After commissioning, further adaptations were made at the request of the customer. Following a brief training period, the customer’s personnel could program and operate the software without any further assistance. This means that the customer gained the independence and flexibility required.
Together with the software, we also offer comprehensive service and maintenance as well as adaptations tailored to meet customers’ individual needs.

Off-the-peg or made-to-measure?

Both are possible with SQS3.