SYN] Magazine
#2 | 2019

Off-the-Peg or made-to-Measure?

Zero-error production and process security with SQS3

Industry 4.0 is bringing many changes and new challenges. The increasing individualization of products, growth in the number of components used for specific variants and the resulting increase in the complexity of production processes are calling for new process strategies. Within the framework of our Smart Connected Assembly approach, we combine software and hardware solutions with smart tools and accessories to ensure the effective control of your production process. This way, we optimize your production times even in the case of complex production processes, reduce reworking and downtimes and significantly improve your product quality. Our joint challenge is:

to find the right balance between quality, process security and costs.

The  Scalable Quality Solution 3 (SQS3) software provides support where the simplified presentation of complex processes is needed, there is a risk of confusion as a result of the large number of variants or step-by-step assembly is needed to reduce the potential for human errors. The software brings perceptible benefits.

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