SYN] Magazine
#2 | 2019

Good Design is an Experience of Quality

Atlas Copco has received several awards in recent years for the innovative, functional and attractive design of its products. Industrial designer Ola Stray is particularly pleased about this. The 44-year-old Swede is `Head of Industrial Design and User Experience´ and has been with Atlas Copco for 16 years. He leads a team of industrial designers, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designers and ergonomics specialists, who are responsible for the design and appearance of (handheld) tools and larger systems for joining techniques. 

"Every design award, prize or commendation is an incentive and recognition of our work," says Stray, who started as a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and Innovation Engineering at Atlas Copco Industrial Technique AB in Sweden in 2003.

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