SYN] Magazine
#2 | 2019

From 0 to 3,400 Newton-Metres in only 10 Seconds

The key component of any injection moulding machine is the clamping unit. High precision is absolutely essential for the assembly of this unit. This is why ARBURG GmbH + Co KG uses an innovative Tensor nutrunner from Atlas Copco Tools to tighten the tie bars of its Allrounder injection moulding machines. The tool further improves the quality, ergonomics and productivity of the tightening operation.

It may sound paradoxical that the tie bars, which are forged from tough, hardened special steel and equipped with a robust M 42 thread, represent a “soft” tightening application for ARBURG. The application is soft because only about 720 degrees of rotation are required to reach the final torque value after the head has made contact. “Depending on the model, each of our injection moulding machines is equipped with 8 to 12 tie bars. The tightening of these bars to the correct torque value is one of the most important tightening applications on our Allrounder injection moulding machines,” says Martin Widmaier, Head of Tool Design with ARBURG, emphasising the tremendous importance of this assembly step. “Optimum distribution of forces within the clamping unit is only possible if these bars are precisely tightened; this lays the foundation for perfect production results in the later use of the injection moulding machine,” adds Widmaier, who holds a degree in industrial engineering.

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