SYN] Magazine
#2 | 2019

Efficiency – Myth or Innovator?

Dear reader,

effectiveness and efficiency – aren’t they the same thing? Certainly not! Especially if we are talking about the economics, flexibility and success of entire production lines and plants.

Doing the right things.

The effectiveness of production indicates, whether the production steps which you have implemented are really appropriate for achieving the targets set, irrespective of the cost.

Doing things right.

When we are talking about efficiency we consider how things are done and attempt to achieve the goal that has been set as fast and with as little cost as possible. Efficiency means doing things right. We must therefore initiate the right action and check whether it has been implemented properly with the best possible use of resources. Only when this is the case you can produce effectively and efficiently.

Efficiency is no myth but your opportunity to ensure that you continue to produce successfully in changing times.

Efficiency right from the start

The main focus for Atlas Copco is already on productivity, safety and ergonomics during product development. From product design through installation and maintenance to data analysis, process optimization and quality assurance, Atlas Copco is your strategic partner, offering international experience and holistic solutions.

The focus topic of this issue is “efficiency” – a complex challenge in the era of digitalization and advanced production lines which need to be adapted quickly and flexibly as well as continuously optimized.

Improving efficiency, ensuring quality and reducing costs

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Nicole Malek
Marketing Communications Manager Central Europe