SYN] Magazine
#1 | 2019

"I want to do more than just push pixels around!”

This was Garik Bertram’s objective when he joined the Marketing Communications Team of Atlas Copco Tools as a student intern last April. The trained media designer prefers conceptual challenges and the implementation of modern creative concepts to simple pixel pushing.

His first project was the visual implementation of our Corporate Identity at one of our Tool Management Centers. Together with Alyssa Brinkmann and Annika Neuhaus, he produced the new design of marking for tool barriers, rooms, etc. In the near future, the graphic designs will also be adopted by other Service locations. “I was very pleased to receive some support because projects of this type are always very time-consuming. Garik not only contributed new ideas but also specialist know-how for graphic production. He provided support for the project from development through to implementation,” says Alyssa Brinkmann.

Creation of the new magazine SYN] 

In connection with the 60th anniversary of the customer magazine “Druckluftkommentare” produced in cooperation with Atlas Copco Compressor Technique, we decided that Atlas Copco Tools was to publish its own customer magazine in the future in order to cover the specific topics and needs of our customers even more effectively.

This is how we developed the idea of producing a new magazine, “SYN]”, which was to have an attractive, interactive design.

Garik received his design task, with full design freedom, from Nicole Malek, Marketing Communications Manager: “We welcome creative people who bring a breath of fresh air and bold ideas to our existing structures. This way, both sides benefit.” With his independent view, his conceptual competence and expertise in the design of printed and digital media, he developed an attractive graphic concept and then presented it to the enthusiastic Marketing Communications Management of Tools and Compressors.

“It was a great experience to be actively involved in the entire development process. I took part in all process stages from the initial order to the production of new designs, presentation and joint decisions on the new layout as an equal partner. I found that very challenging and highly motivating.” He said that he had not experienced this before but independent working with and for Atlas Copco reawakened his creativity.

 “At Tools, I do not feel like the stereotypical student intern,” says Garik, adding: “I’m very pleased that it was possible to integrate myself and my ideas into such a pleasant team in such an uncomplicated way. “

We trust in our people 

“Delegating responsibility and having a good candidate who is prepared to accept it and to take his ideas through to their conclusion in a positive sense. These were the best conditions for the fantastic results achieved,” says Nicole Malek: “We foster and challenge our people in order to encourage them to make the most of their potential and to position our company as an innovative, attractive partner and employer.”

We trust in our people! This Atlas Copco principle was once again confirmed by the development of our new, modern customer magazine. How do you like the new magazine?