SYN] Magazine
#1 | 2019
© Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Our students work internationally as equal partners

More interactive than ever before  
Jacob from Sweden supports cobot development

Jacob Edström is studying Mechatronics Product Development at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. In the summer of 2018, he completed a two-month internship in Essen which Atlas Copco had offered the Swedish University as a “practical semester”. The 24-year-old provided support for the project “Robotics for the automation of tightening processes near to manual operations” in the Application Center Europe.

The project is concerned with developing approaches for safe cooperation with collaborative robots or “cobots” and creating a model assembly cell with the necessary safety features. Our objective is that robots should complete assembly processes together with workers for an automotive component supplier among our customers without any separation between the workers and the robots.

Jacob’s tasks included the development of the concept for the robot-aided automation of assembly processes with Atlas Copco systems and robot-human interaction. His main focus was on the programming and control of the robot and he had to develop both the program used for operating robot and the human-machine interface (HMI).

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„I want to do more than just push pixels around! 
Garik develops new design for SYN]

This was Garik Bertram’s objective when he joined the Marketing Communications Team of Atlas Copco Tools as a student intern last April. The trained media designer prefers conceptual challenges and the implementation of modern creative concepts to simple pixel pushing.

This is how he came to be given an exciting project right from the start: with fresh, bold ideas and his design expertise, he developed an innovative design concept for our new customer magazine SYN].

“It was a great experience to be actively involved in the entire development process as an equal partner. I found that very challenging and highly motivating.” He said that he had not experienced this before but independent working with and for Atlas Copco reawakened his creativity.

“I do not feel like the stereotypical student intern. I’m very pleased that was possible to integrate myself and my ideas into such a pleasant team in such an uncomplicated way.”

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