SYN] Magazine
#1 | 2019
© Photo by Seven Dimensions

Last but not least, time for a “fika”!

SYN] aims to bring you closer to the world of Atlas Copco. This also includes our Swedish group culture. Each issue therefore includes a small article on Swedish customs.

Did you know that Sweden is one of the world’s largest coffee consumers and that Swedish coffee roasting plants produce the equivalent of more than ten million cups of coffee – per day? It is therefore hardly surprising that the “fika” has become an established social institution that is increasingly popular not only in Sweden but also in other countries.

Swedes love (and live for) coffee

The “fika” is a coffee break with snacks and is an established custom in Sweden. Its history goes back several hundred years but it is still extremely modern. A brief interruption to your work boosts creativity and inspires good ideas.

You can enjoy a tasty fika anywhere. It may be combined with an animated discussion with colleagues, friends or the family in the open air, in your workshop or in your office. The best thing is to provide some cake and biscuits, the “fikabröd”. Cinnamon rolls or chocolate biscuits are very popular.

Enjoy a pleasant fika while you are reading our new magazine -, or, as they say in Sweden: Njut!