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#1 | 2019

The new QA Platform 4.0

“If you want to detect even the smallest deviations and errors in the production process, you need to take a closer look. The main advantage of our new product family is that we can actually control, monitor and analyse all quality-relevant data. Quality becomes easier to measure.”

In our interview with Product Manager Stefan Naust, you can learn all about the added value of our new solutions and Atlas Copco’s further plans for comprehensive, reliable quality assurance.

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This video with specific case studies from the motor vehicle industry will show you how productive modern quality assurance can be.



Easy control of production quality from any location

Modern production facilities and assembly lines in all sectors of industry are dominated by parallel activities, automation and digitalization. In order to include quality processes in Smart Connected Assembly, Atlas Copco Tools developed its QA Platform 4.0. This is a ground-breaking solution that combines new production technologies with the efficient logging of quality data.

The QA Supervisor software package is the key component of Atlas Copco’s QA Platform 4.0. Around this core, Atlas Copco has built up a perfectly harmonized product family for quality assurance in tightening systems and far beyond. From this portfolio, customers can choose precisely the elements they need to complete their many and varied tasks in quality-assured production.

Whatever quality-relevant tests are carried out, QA Supervisor compiles the relevant data. This software package controls, analyses and monitors the entire quality process, offering an immediate detailed overview on a personalized dashboard. The product offering is rounded off by a package of services consisting of calibration, maintenance, training and workshop modules.

Task assignment made easy

Using QA Supervisor, quality managers can control tasks and assign them to team members easily while the software plans the necessary routes and quality tests. In terms of hardware, tasks are transmitted direct to users’ mobile devices. If necessary, they can communicate with the quality manager online.

Secure logging of quality data

While the especially compact ST-Palm fits any hand and any jacket pocket, the equally sturdy ST-Pad industrial tablet also offers an integrated camera. In the case of visual inspections, these units allow status documentation of the production steps to be monitored. With these features, Atlas Copco’s new mobile assistants are far more than testing and input devices for conventional torque tests. Nowadays, quality in assembly means that more and more tests are carried out on a purely visual basis. Atlas Copco’s QA Platform 4.0 is especially well-suited for the standardization, digitalization and automation of such processes. It guides quality personnel through the test procedure defined steps, eliminating the risk of human transmission errors which occur with checklists or Excel tables.

Efficient monitoring of assembly tools

As regards its dimensions, the mobile ST-Bench test bench is the most conspicuous product of QA Platform 4.0. This test bench offers all the features needed for reliable tool tests and machine capability analyses, reducing transportation and handling requirements. The use of the ST-Bench directly on the production line also significantly reduces the time needed for tests and measurements and demonstrably provides greater flexibility. The benefits continue through prevailing torque measurements on safety-critical bolted joints, just to mention one example. Here, the flexibility and reliability offered by the module design of QA Platform 4.0 are also key benefits. In the era of Industry 4.0, drag indicator torque wrenches have been replaced by ST-Wrenches making high-precision measurements; these are linked to an ST-Pad as a data hub which automatically transmits the information required to the quality system via QA Supervisor without any errors.